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Frequently Asked Questions

Login your account with your user id and password. On your dashboard you will get information for payment of 100 rupees. This payment goes to your sponsor. Contact your sponsor, give 100 rupees to your sponsor. After getting payment your sponsor will upgrade your ID to first level.
As you know, all upgrade system depends on your earning. You can upgrade to next level if your earning is greater than or equal to the upgrade amount. If you not refer three people, your earning will not be sufficient to upgrade for second level.
Send details to update, along with your user ID, from your registered mobile number or Email Id on xxxxxxxxxx (WhatsApp / SMS) or
This concept is running from 2019, by “ HILIFE SECURE INDIA MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED “ company from hyderabad,telengana. You can get all legal documents from website ( Legal documents).
For becoming experts categiry, you have to send your following details from your registered email ID on Details – Userid, Name, Phone number, Language known, Region you belongs. Necessary Condition – 3rd level upgrade, knowledge of plan, Give support to all (downline and crossline).
All payments are member to member. You will get payment, when your downline pay you for their upgrade. After getting payment, you have to upgrade them by clicking on “I accept” button on payment slip, on your dashboard.
1.First 3 direct member amount (100+100+100 = 300) Rs 300/- goes to sponcer and another direct Rs 100/- goes to upline.
2. You will get additional Rs.1500/- from each one and all your directs refferal when they are in 3rd level in 1st plan.
3. More directs helps you in increasing your team.
4. When your directs enter in second plan they will give you direct sponcer income in 3rd level in 2nd plan also 60,000 for each direct refferal.
Yes, if you are on 1st level after 1 month, your sponsor can apply for transfer your Id to another person. In this process, you will lost your Id.
We accept request for changes from registered mobile number or email only. You are requested to update your email and phone number both in your profile. If you lost one, you can give request from other option.
You have to submit proofs of payment and medium selected. Your Id will be upgraded and upline will be blocked. If your proofs found wrong, your Id will be blocked.
If receiver(upline) is not reachable, you can pay to us , your Id will be upgraded on behalf of upline and amount will be claimed by upline, when he is in reach.
Note :- Send payment proof and details of both ids via email on will pay to upline when he claim from registered number
Yes, you have to apply for transfer from registered mobile number or email only. User can apply for any changes in their profile
Your upgrade depends on earning. If your earning is sufficient for upgrade, option will be available to you. Your pending payments will definitely comes to you, when your downline upgrade.
Web address doesn’t recognise “ spaces” . If your link containing blank space, please replace it with “ %20 “.It will definitely work. If possible, avoid blank space in UserID at time of registration.
If You want to receive payment of particular level, you have to upgrade for that level. Otherwise, payment will be skipped to higher upline. It will affect you only. Neither your uplines or your downline affected by this.
HILIFE SECURE INDIA MARKETING PVT LTD is a online platform in which one can help others, later he/she can receive help from others. is a business project of M/s. HILIFE SECURE INDIA MARKETING PVT LTD.
ONE100.BIZ provides the system, platform, hosting, accounting, support and dozens of other services to help make your fundraising efforts more rewarding and fast funding for your profit.
No, ONE100.BIZ is simply system to help keep you organized and provide needed services to account for your provide help and get help calculations. It is entirely up to you and your efforts to acquire donations.
NO, one100 is not a MLM. There is no investment structures of a MLM or terms and conditions of a MLM in this one100 Platform. one100 is using trinary structure, that we can see in strongest systems in this world. You feel that this is a MLM plan , because we are using trinary method, it is purely incidental. Hope everyone will understand that trinary is not meant for 100 % MLM Plan.
No, Money chain/Money circulation is a financial dealing in which all individuals in a company deposit money into the company bank account prescribed by that company. People make investment based on the attractive investment structure that appeals to everyone for the money invested and returns it as cash. one100 involves only financial transactions with our platform users. The one100 is a platform which is used by the individuals for financial transactions between them. No money is accumulated in a bank account of the company. Hence it is not money chain or money circulation. Company is only charging a maintenance fee and gst from individuals for using this platform.
Yes, one100 is an online platform which operates as per all the laws of Government of India.
Opportunity for a person to improve his or her economic condition by helping others in their lives and by seeking help from others. A person believes that he/she is someone who lives as a social creed depending on others and when he/she is realized that he/she will be able to honour, believe, and help others in the society.
HILIFE SECURE INDIA MARKETING PVT LTD Address : D.No. 1-2-253, 2nd Floor, Laxmi Narsu Mansion Building, 95 Park Lane Opp. Park Lane Hotel, CTC, Secunderabad - 500003.
A person associating with one100 is only required to refer three persons. He/She don’t bother about the genealogy of the new members.
one100is not put forwarding 100% of Business concepts. 50% is for humanity and 50% is business oriented. This plan is forwarding the importance of social commitments to the common people. When everyone become selfish, the society will going in to a deep trouble. We are watching the after effects of this now all around us. If there is no change in this situation, we will be doomed forever. We have to change the attitude of the society for that we need to change our attitude. We need to impart the basic qualities of humans to the society for a better tomorrow for our next generations. The concept of one100 is to restore humanity in the society by helping each others. That’s why one100 is so relevant in the present scenario.
A person can associate to one100 by the invitation referral link or sponcer id from an existing members of one100.
The person whose name, email id, mobile number and password can be registered with the registration referral link received by an individual.
A person shall help maximum 5 peoples who are in 5 stages of one100 platform.
A person shall receive Rs. 2,50,10,900/- from members the 5 stages of the that member.
You can see the 5 stages of yours.
A person can receive money through payment wallets. Payments wallets like Whatsapp, Phone Pe, Google Pay, True Caller, Paytm, BHIM,bankaccount etc…
Since money is transferring between persons, there can not set a restriction, hence any one can have an opportunity to collect Rs. 2,50,10,900/- in a single day.
one100 shows the amount of money received in the receive help of the members login page. A person can download it from the transaction history.
A person (ID) can retire after receiving Rs. 2,50,21000/-(ID RETIRE)
Since one100 is online platform,it can be operate any where in the world.
Company is only collecting the Platform Maintenance Fee (PMF) + gst from the users of one100 platform.
The person who gives help to others is required to give Platform Maintenance Fee (PMF)+gst to the company
A person associating with one100 refer minimum of three persons within 30 days of his/her registration.
Must be 18 years old, One should be able to help others only with their own money, Only do the business after understanding the business concepts and plans of the Company. These are the eligibility to associate with the
No, This is a contribution to help others in their financial need. There is no levy/tax charged for that. There is no guarantee for the help received. is legal.Transactions are done by members to the members. The company only gets PMF+GST